Conferencia: Cozinhando imagens, tejiendo feminismos: Latin American Feminist Film and Visual Art Collectives (19-20 abril)



APRIL 19: Cinema, Collectives and Feminism | 2-8pm

PRESENTATION: Lorena Cervera

PANEL 1: Towards a Latin American Feminist Cinema | 2:10-4:10pm

Marina Cavalcanti Tedesco | Universidade Federal Fluminense

Latin American Feminist Cinema and the New Latin American Cinema: Tensions, Relations and Non-relations

Isabel Seguí | University of Edinburgh

Strategic Alliances: Housewives Make Movies in the Bolivian Mines

Elena Oroz | Universidad Carlos III

Past and Future of Feminist Film Collectives in Latin America. Debates in Cocina de imágenes, First Film and Video Exhibition Made by Latin and Caribbean Women (1987)

Ana Lúcia Nunes de Sousa | Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Who Gives Voice to Women? Strategies to Get Out of the Colonial Discourse

Moderator: Lorena Cervera

COFFEE with Latin American Women’s Audiovisual Research Network (RAMA) | 4:10-4:30pm 

FILM SCREENINGS | 4:30-6:10pm 

Cosas de mujeres (Cine Mujer, México, 1978, 42 min.)

Carmen Carrascal (Cine Mujer, Colombia, 1982, 28 min.)

Presentation: Jocelyn Linares and Johana Botero

COFFEE with EmpoderArte | 6:10-6:30pm 

ROUND TABLE with Filmmakers | 6:30-8pm

Rosa Martha Fernández (Cine Mujer, México), Patricia Restrepo (Cine Mujer, Colombia), and Gioconda Espina (Grupo Feminista Miércoles, Venezuela)

Moderator: Elena Oroz

APRIL 20: Visual Art, Collectives and Feminism | 2-8pm

PRESENTATION: Ana Lúcia Nunes de Sousa

PANEL 2: Latin American Feminists Leading the Struggle | 2:10-4:10pm

Phoebe Martin | UCL

Poner la cuerpa: Whose Bodies Are on the Line in the Struggle for Justice for Victims of Forced Sterilisations in Peru?

Lita Rubiano Tamayo | Independent Researcher

We, the Other

Nayla Vacarezza | CONICET

Orange Hands and Green Kerchiefs. Transnational Circulation, Affect and Politics in the Symbols of the Struggles for Legal Abortion in the Southern Cone

Deborah Martin | UCL & Deborah Shaw | University of Portsmouth

Chilean and Transnational Performances of Disobedience: LasTesis and the Phenomenon of ‘Un violador en tu camino’

Moderator: Sonia Kerfa

COFFEE with ColectiVIS-ARTS | 4:10-4:30pm 

ROUND TABLE with Visual Artists | 4:30-6pm 

Afroféminas | Colectiva Lemow | Trenzar Perú

Moderator: Daniela Galán

COFFEE with AMALGAMA | 6-6:20pm 

KEYNOTE Speaker + Discussion | 6:20-7:30pm

Julia Lesage | Professor Emerita, Department of English, University of Oregon

Looking Back on Working Collectively

Moderator: Elizabeth Ramírez-Soto



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